Novinky PRIDE Košice

Rainbow outside the capital: Experiences of V4 PRIDEs in regions (online discussion)

Wednesday 19th of August 6PM – 8PM Facebook PRIDE Košice

The flight of LGBT+ people from smaller cities and towns to capitals is a sad reality that leaves many areas poorer in diversity of LGBT+ voices and lives. But what if we stayed behind and tried to build our communities in the places we grew up in? For many, this is an unpleasant thought, but for few, it is their daily reality and passion.

We will be discussing the situation of LGBT+ people who live in rural areas and smaller cities and towns in the Visegrad region (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland) and together with PRIDE organisers we will be exploring the challenges and joys of making highly visible events in places where sometimes not many LGBT+ people want to stay. Places with less anonymity, social and economic capital but sometimes with more passion, deeper bonds and, in our opinion, bigger need for proud visibility, safe spaces and community for LGBT+ people.

We are glad that the representatives of the following PRIDE festivals accepted our invitation to discuss those and other topics:
Banská Bystrica PRIDE (SK)
Pilsen PRIDE (CZ)
Ostrava PRIDE (CZ)
Cracow PRIDE (PL)

The discussion will be facilitated by Róbert Furiel, who will also provide a perspective from Košice PRIDE.

The discussion will be held online, in English without translation.